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FAQ Frequently asked questions.

Q. Do I have to be fit  before I attend a class?

A. No. Anyone of any fitness level is welcome and we encourage, but don’t pressurise students, to participate in the workouts to the best of their ability and current fitness level. This may mean slowing down or performing fewer repetitions of an exercise or taking a short break between routines. We prefer our students to end a class felling pleasantly tired rather than hopelessly exhausted.

Q. What should I wear when coming to a class?

A. Wear loose fitting shorts or jogging bottoms and a t-shirt or vest top. Most of our training is done barefoot but some students prefer to wear trainers or martial arts shoes. This is fine but please ensure your footwear is clean and non-marking. If you have Gi bottoms or kickboxing contact trousers or Thai shorts these are also ok.

Q. Do I have to spend a lot of money on equipment to train?

A. All equipment (gloves, kick shields, Thai pads and focus pads etc.) can be borrowed from the club during the training sessions. If however you wish to purchase your own items you can do so either through the club or independently, but please consult your instructor on the appropriate equipment first.

Q. I am worried about sparring. Do I have to participate?

A. Sparring is considered an essential part of the syllabus, ultimately kickboxing is a martial sport and to remove the sparring element would be to remove the context of the techniques themselves. Sparring is conducted under strict supervision and appropriate safety equipment is worn at all times during a sparring session. Students do not start sparring straight away as they need to acquire a basic stance guard and learn certain techniques that are required. Sparring is introduced gradually through structured sparring exercises and is promoted as an exercise in mutual respect. Ultimately sparring provides a test bed for the techniques learned on the pads etc.

Q. How much will it cost to join and train?

A. Basically just turn up and give it a try. Price is £5.00 per class and there is discount available for families.. Joining fee and license is £20. Please ensure that you turn up 10 minutes before the start of each class if possible.

Burton-kickboxing-Academy is recognised and affiliated to the International Combat Organisation ( I.C.O.) 

Code of Conduct

Martial arts training involves close contact, therefore it is essential that, all jewellery is removed nails short, and hair tied back. Any jewellery that cannot be removed must be covered with tape.
A club uniform should be obtained as soon as the student has decided that they are fully committed to training. Until then appropriate clothing should be worn. Ensure that there are no buckles , sharp zips/button etc. That could cause injury to you or your partner. Remember, always empty your pockets.
Shoes and socks must be removed during training. This encourages natural balance, avoids slips and keeps the training area clean. (Socks will be allowed only if there is a medical condition present)
Any current injuries must be reported before the class starts. In the unlikely event of an injury being sustained during training, please inform your instructor immediately. If you have any cuts or abrasions, these should be adequately sealed with a waterproof plaster before arrival.
Students will be required to purchase a licence for insurance purposes, after the fourth session. Application forms are available from your instructor. The licence fee is £15.
In order for the instructor to conduct the class in a safe manner it is essential that once you have graded, you must wear your belt during every session. This enable your instructor to readily assess a students capabilities and adjust the techniques safely and appropriately.
Treat everyone equally regardless of gender, age, race or religion. Respect is a visible attitude, with your tone of voice and body language, and must be shown to instructors at all times.
Bullying and harassing of fellow students will not be tolerated – we aim to create a supportive atmosphere.
Mobile phones must be switched off unless prior arrangements have been made!