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Welcome to Burton Kickboxing Academy

Burton Kickboxing Academy (BKA) is a Kickboxing club based in the centre of Burton on Trent. BKA founder and chief instructor Chris Squirrell  is a World and European amateur champion. All instructors are CRB checked and first aid trained. Our members are both male and female and range from 4 to 64 years of age.   We cater for all abilities and encourage our members to improve their fitness as well as their kickboxing skills. We promote kickboxing as a sport and train for light and full contact kickboxing. Sparring is not compulsory and some of our members only train to improve their fitness, increase their self confidence and meet other people. We have a team of fighters in both light continuous and full contact kickboxing and have achieved many trophies and titles. Our training facilities are excellent for kickboxing and fitness and include a 16 foot boxing ring and 9 punch bags.

Burton Kickboxing Academy introduces Female only Kickboxing in Burton on Trent!

Key benefits of training at Burton Kickboxing Academy include:

  • Improve your fitness: Our training includes cardiovascular exercises and stretching. All training sessions include punching and kicking pads which helps tone muscles.

  • Lose weight: Many of our members have lost weight training at our club. One member lost over three stone in one year.

  • Improve your self confidence: You will feel a great sense of achievement and feel more confident as you improve your fitness and develop your kickboxing skills.

  • Self defence: We can’t guarantee you’ll be able to fight like Van Dame. However, after time you will be able to punch and kick with confidence.

  • Meet other people: If you join us on Facebook you will see many references to the “BKA familiy”. As well as getting together to go and support our fighters we meet at social events e.g. Birthdays, Christmas and just because we want to.

  • Progress at your pace: Everyone has their own abilities and pace in which they learn. Our instructors are extremely patient and only expect you to do the best that you can.

  • Excellent training facilities Having the facilities of a well equipped kickboxing gym will enhance your fitness training. Sparring in a boxing ring will prepare anyone wanting to compete in light or full contact kickboxing.

  • Discounts: Having several family members training at one time can be expensive. We allow a 50% discount on each additional member of family who trains at each session. All members pay per session and aren’t expected to sign up for fixed monthly payments.

  • Martial Arts: All styles of martial arts including; Karate ,Tae kwon Do, MMA, Lau Gar, Wing Chun, Kung Fu and any other discipline are welcome to come and train at our club.

Call Chris on 07903299012 or call in at one of our classes and join in


06. Mar 2017

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Kids Classes Burton on Trent

10. Nov 2016

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Ring Rage 12 of November 2016

Ring Rage Resurrection 2016 Second time we host a massive Fight Night in Burton on Trent. THIS IS AN EVENING OF FULL CONTACT KICKBOXING AND K1 FIG...

20. Apr 2016

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An Evening Of Full Contact Kickboxing

7th May: An evening of full contact kickboxing featuring BKA's Rachel Young.

Personal Training At Burton Kickboxing Academy

At BKA we offer personal training sessions for adults and children alike. Please watch video below to get an idea what your PT might look like.

For more information about available times please visit our timetable or use the form bellow to enquire about your PT session.

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Benefits of Kickboxing at Burton Kickboxing Academy


A student of B.K.A must learn courtesy and respect for their fellow students and instructors. A student who only thinks of themselves and is inconsiderate is not worthy of martial arts training. Generally a considerate and courteous student will be positive in their outlook.


In a training hall every member and instructor alike must show courtesy to one another. This courtesy is not just limited to the training hall, it should be part of the students nature. Martial arts is not just a mastering the skills that you are taught, it will develop you into a good member of society. A courteous person will find it easy to make friends and difficult to make enemies.


Martial arts is very disciplined in the way a student has to bow when entering and leaving the training area. You must address your instructor by calling them coach or by their christian name, and  show no ill feeling or bad temper whilst practicing their art. A student must be disciplined in the skills that they are taught as many of the striking techniques can be extremely dangerous. Discipline has to be instilled to prevent injury occurring to a training partner in executing these techniques, it is through the disciplined training that a student learns not to show off or brag about their abilities, these are qualities that a true martial artist does not have.


A martial art student will undoubtedly develop in time a stronger body and a more positive frame of mind. A student who starts training who is physically weak will gradually become stronger, braver and more confident and it will be quite obvious that in the students mind a great deal will have been accomplished. Co-ordination through the physical training will also be improved especially as some of the techniques at first seem quite complicated, but with diligent practice they become much easier. As the student becomes fitter and stronger concentration levels will improve which will add benefits in school for children, or in the work place for adults.


Martial arts does not need to use weapons, men and women of any age can apply it and can protect themselves effectively with little natural strength.